Without consulting any much smarter minds

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Trump instinctively acts on his gut to side with dictator Erdogan during a phone last week in which the Turks began planning serious military attacks on the Kurds. I’m dead set against US military occupation, but because what the Bush Family has thrusted upon us, we’re stuck with this kind of crap. What has just went down by brat Trump only offers increased bloodshed on a fighting ally not to mention heightened risks to the remaining few US military personnel in Syria and because of Trump’s boneheaded move, we’re basically without a confident Sec of Defense …. soon to be simply without. Who’s the next SoD, Rush Limbaugh? Lets just load ole Rush with 10 stars on a fake military uniform and call him our Grand Daddy General …. unless our MAGA Pres wants to also hold that position himself. There’s more to this idiotic move that meets the eye and I think it’s a lot to do with all the hot water that he’s in! DIVERSIONS!

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