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      Trump isn’t the only problem. As Big Money floods our political system, and some in power are intent on making it harder for certain people to vote, we need a movement to save our democracy.

      Number 1: Make voter registration automatic for all eligible voters, using information they’ve already provided the Department of Motor Vehicles or another government agency. This has already been implemented in several states, including Oregon, and it works. In 2014, over 1 in 5 Americans were eligible to vote but did not register. Automatic registration would automatically change this.

      Number 2: Pass a new Voting Rights Act, setting uniform national voting standards and preventing states from engaging in any form of voter suppression, such as voter ID laws, the purging of voter rolls, and inaccessible and inadequate polling places.

      Number 3: Implement public financing of elections, in which public funds match small donations – thereby eliminating the advantage of big money.

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      I couldn’t agree more. All of these steps are important, but the two that I feel must be implemented immediately are:

      1. Eliminate gerrymandering.

      2. Universally consistent election laws.

      Primaries rather than caucuses

      paper ballots

      automatic registration

      felons’ voting rights restored after serving sentence

      clearly defined and limited election period

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      Since 2000, Oregon has been voting-by-mail and I believe it might prevent many voting problems in other states.

      During my lifetime, I have voted in five different states. By far, Oregon voting is the best.

      You Voter’s Pamphlet arrives in the mail about three weeks before election day, followed by your ballot a week later. In the comfort of your home, you can read the Voter’s Pamphlet, look up candidate’s websites and take your time.

      I am spoiled forever by this voting method.


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