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  • Snort McDork (2721 posts)
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    15 Ways To Help Get Out Vote For Jill

    Tell your friends what 5 percent gets the Green Party!
    Our campaign is funded by YOU. Max out your campaign contributions at $2,700… or consider giving $29 for Stein.
    Set up a personal fundraising page and ask friends to contribute to help you get a phone call from Jill!
    Pledge your vote for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.
    Organize local events for volunteers! Post them in local social media groups and let your state coordinators know, too.
    Get involved with your state organizers to volunteer on the ground in various ways.
    Phonebank for Jill and Ajamu—or textbank.
    Print out Stein/Baraka flyers and distribute them in your community.
    Like Jill on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then change your profile picture to show your support!
    Don’t forget about following Ajamu on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    Share our YouTube videos.
    Learn about Jill’s policy positions.
    Learn how to prevent “spoilers”.
    Write a letter to the media about why earning 5 percent of the vote is crucial for democracy!
    Learn how to write-in Jill’s name on the ballot for voters in North Carolina, Georgia and Indiana. North Carolinians can also kick off the 2020 signature drive November 8. (It’s a tough state!)

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  • twenty (67 posts)
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    1. look at this email I got today (Nov 2)

    Internal polling for Jill must be much better than what they’re telling us, or maybe this is just another attempt to invalidate the progressive vote since ballots will be thrown out in NY state (I think) if a write-in who isn’t running is written in.    …why?  Russia!


    This email is from progressivekick.org (“Give conservatives the boot!”)


    Dear [my name],

    Hi. I’ll cut right to the chase and say that we think that because you DON’T live in a swing state you should write in Bernie Sanders for President.

    Jill Stein of the Green Party is NOT a progressive option (as one example most people aren’t aware of, she’s more of an apologist for Vladimir Putin’s murderous human rights violations than even Donald Trump).

    Of course we’re all aware that Trump is a stubby-fingered (semi)English-speaking Benito Mussolini who disbelieves in climate change and endorses massive civil rights violations of American citizens. He’s pro-police state and contemptuous of a free press and even blasé about nuclear war, not to mention being a sexual predator. Electing him would plunge our nation and the world into a dark age. So it’s important that Clinton win.

    However, since we really have 51 separate state/Washington DC elections in this country with the Electoral College, as long as you’re not currently registered to vote in one of the swing states listed below, you can safely cast a vote of conscience. Clinton is the kinder, gentler face of the corporate plutocratic status quo in American society. She does not merit a vote of conscience in states where one can afford to vote for someone else. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand – still! – is a wonderful recipient of such a vote.

    States that we think are close enough that it makes sense for people who live there to vote for Clinton, listed alphabetically:






    Maine Congressional District 2 (northern Maine, Poliquin’s Congressional District)




    New Hampshire

    North Carolina




    Utah (because of third party)




    Everywhere else, you can vote for whom you wish, guilt free.


    Stay strong!


    Joshua Grossman


    Progressive Kick

    • Snort McDork (2721 posts)
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      2. Holy Shite!

      I got that same f’ing e-mail.

      I did hit unsubscribe, but I responded and told him no one decides for me who to vote for. I also wrote that he can take HRC and go play on the freeway for all I care.

      A totally bogus group imo.