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      “The reality is that the police exist primarily as a system for managing and even producing inequality by suppressing social movements and tightly managing the behaviors of poor and nonwhite people: those on the losing end of economic and political arrangements.”

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        • Professor Alex Vitale notes in “The End of Policing” that most cops average less than one felony arrest per year – meaning almost the entirety of a police officer’s day-to-day consists of standing around and occasionally dealing with small or nothing crimes. These “crimes” such as loitering or “causing a disturbance” are designed to simply “put people in the system.” People of color are far more likely to be arrested for these types of crimes. Once “in the system,” the sentence for a future “crime of loitering” or “atrocity of playing loud music” can be much longer.
        • Vitale continues, “Even detectives (who make up only about 15% of police forces) spend most of their time taking reports of crimes that they will never solve—and in many cases will never even investigate. …Most crimes that are investigated are not solved.”
        • Rather than working harder to solve larger crimes, our government officials have created hundreds of smaller “crimes” for police to nail citizens for. In the past few decades there has been a surge of bans on things like sleeping in public, begging, giving away free food, “camping” in public, and sleeping in one’s car. Laws like these only serve to make homelessness (and helping the homeless) illegal and allow police to insert themselves, often upending lives. (Because people begging for change often have it too easy.)

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        What they have always been. The real question is, how did they manage to convince so many that they are something else?


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          A massive PR campaign.  If you are a Boomer, you will remember Officer Friendly.  He used to come around to our schools  exuding bonhomie, friendliness, and trustworthiness.  We were told to ask a policeman for help.

          And the campaign very quickly understood, and utilized to the maximum, the potential of television.  Remember?  Adam Twelve, Car 54, Dragnet, Hawaii 5-O (Book’em Danno!), The Streets of San Francisco, Vegas, Starsky and Hutch, Monk, 21 Jump Street, Criminal Minds, Miami Vice, the Law and Order franchise, the CSI franchise, Barney Miller, Columbo, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, CHIPS, The FBI, and many, many more, (like The Andy Griffith Show, Police Squad…)

          It’s still going on today.  Check out your local cable listings and see how many cop dramas/comedy/reality shows are broadcast in any one twenty-four hour period.

          And soooooo mnay movies!

          That’s how.  Propaganda in the form of entertainment.


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            Aint that the truth @EffinWilde when i was a kid  and needed punishment, my mom would make me sit in front of the unplugged tv while adam12 was on. Sraightened my ass up!! But good point about prevelance of cop glorification shows

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            Because all six episodes are an over-the-top parody of police shows. It was never meant to be a true representation of the police in any form. Well, maybe truthfully showing them to be clowns.

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      statistics can tell us so much, yet not tell us anything at all.   i’m promise i’m not trying to be a cop bootlicker – despite any and all appearances – but  the biggest takeaways from that article (to me) are that drug policy is a failure and that cops need to kill more asians (i kid i kid).   the guy that had $11k taken is a travesty but if you wakj into an airport with $11k in cash and smell like weed, you might have a few questions.   of course it sucks that so much time passes before getting any money  back (if at all).   the “wheels of justice” can be a real motherfucker.   trust me i know.


      some of the other statistics might be questionable and methodology could be involved with a lot – three officers on scene for a felony arrest – who gets credit?   how does the  study break up geography?    reporting like this can lead to more questions than answers.    i think i read here on JPR about people arrested and doing time for drug possession for false positives.   yes a lot of things should change.

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        Wow! There it is again. I replied to effinwilde and my comment is just blank. This happened to me trying to reply to ohio oh about 2 weeks ago😨

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      I keep having to share this one:

      Checked out the source.  Seems legit.

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