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Home JackpineRadical Rooms The Wizard Room 23 year old washer died top rated replacement is UNION MADE IN THE USA!

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  • pinduck (1109 posts)
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    1. This is really a day brightener – Thanks

    "Sometimes I feel like Fletcher Christian..."
  • Rozinante (2310 posts)
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    2. Hopefully appliances improve in quality.

    Most of my appliances were new or almost new when I bought my house 12 years ago. Started falling apart within a few years.

    Whirlpool oven only bakes at highest temp of 350. Touch pad control panel is a fortune to replace.

    touchpad on GE microwave doesn’t work on half the buttons.  BTW, my old Hotpoint microwave I’ve had for about 35 years still works great. I replaced the fuse once (about 50 cents).

    The auto defrost on Maytag refrigerator crapped out. I bypassed it so I can manually defrost when the evaporator clogs with ice.

    the on-off switch controlled by the Kenmore washer lid fell apart. I glued it back together and wrapped heavy thread around it soaked in glue for reinforcement.

    Drum belt on Kenmore dryer broke, had to dismantle half the dryer to replace. New belt is sticky.

    ancient stove and dishwasher work fine. I’ve seen plenty of 50-60 year old appliances that work fine. Ancient refrigerators on their third electrical cord and second door seal still operational. It can be done. Not as profitable as making junk that breaks down in 5 years. If manufacturing moves back to US, hopefully there’s a big quality improvement. I’m not buying any new appliances until I’m sure they’re good for 20-30+ years.

  • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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    3. I've owned Maytags for years. Their good washing machines.

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