24 Hours With a Japanese Hermit in a Hidden Village

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      from South Korea we used to watch regularly 나는 자연인이다 (I’m a natural person). I used to enjoy hearing the stories of the individuals who ended up living in isolated places by themselves. How they came to be there, and how they adapted to the natural environment away from the grid. Many people rich and poor alike want to go back to the country to live, where it’s more natural. Not being a part of a community though is difficult.

      I learned from my wife’s friend that the government actually sponsors people to move into abandoned housing if they agree to fix it up/maintain it. You don’t get title to the property, so after 5 years you have to move on or buy it. They are trying to keep the ongoing urbanization and low birth rates from depopulating the countryside villages entirely. I understand it takes a while for the locals to accept the newcomers.

      惑世誣民 혹세무민

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