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    Day before yesterday I made my first pass over my vegetable plot with my wonderful, 24 year old rear tine tiller. Made in Italy with a Briggs engine.

    Today I went out to do it a second, deeper till and get ready to plant early peas and some lettuce.

    Alas, my FUCKING recoil starter pooped the bed. SOB! I have always hated certain recoil starters. Well, all right, I hate them all. But this is one of those machines (big cylinder?) that pulls Hard. It always has. One of those full arm and shoulder pulls that leaves you (me anyway) winded and needing a moment after 8 or 9 pulls.

    Well now it doesn’t engage and I’ve never tried to fix one. Son of a large bitch.

    Bitch bitch bitch

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    If you’re like most, you’ve got some time to kill. Yeah, I know, you wanted to do it in the garden. Maybe do some of it in the shed or garage with YouTube.

    But, I should talk. I got pissed because I lost one of those rubber ends for my ear buds, and my wife said the other one looked like something she swept off the floor and threw away. In a couple of days I can probably have a gross of these things.

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    Havent done one since high school small engine class. But put your mind to it and you can do it.

    I bet there are some good you tube videos that will walk you thru it.

    I hand tilled my 4 by 15 raised bed today. I made a hoop house over it yesterday. Put a (free) used pool cover- blue- over it. It hit 90 in the sun! Should be able to plant in a few days. Warm the soil a bit first.

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    Join the regenerative agriculture movement:  No till, no herbicides, no pesticides, no fertilizers — no problem!

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    My dog Amber loves fresh, soft dirt.

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    There may be something jammed in there, preventing it from rewinding. Use a flashlight, a variety of probing tools, compressed air, WD-40 etc to give it a good exploration and loosening. You realize, of course, that disassembly risks having the spring pop out and fly across the garage, along with whatever washers, clips and retainers are involved. Good luck.

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    Ooo-la la This could get interesting

    I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

    "I like birdy num-nums"

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    Mrs. Red Cloud refuses to let me use it, lest a worm get harmed. So it is shovel, shovel, shovel! (Which I think could kill a worm. Oh wait, I want killer coffee today. Noooo! The worm senses the shovel and worms away safely!)

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