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  • Judi Lynn (9484 posts)
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    3 North Carolina officers charged with beating suspect

    3 North Carolina officers charged with beating suspect
    RALEIGH, N.C. — May 15, 2018, 6:34 PM ET

    Authorities say three North Carolina law enforcement officers have been indicted on criminal charges in the beating of a pedestrian.

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    The deputy and troopers were involved in the arrest of Kyron Hinton in Raleigh on April 3. Hinton said at a news conference Tuesday that he needs to have surgery on his eye because of the beating.


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    Kyron Dwain Hinton discusses indictments of three cops accusing them of beating and injuring him
    Three NC officers indicted in beating of Raleigh man, who was also bitten by police dog




    May 15, 2018 03:36 PM

    Updated 16 minutes ago

    A Wake County grand jury handed up indictments Tuesday against three law enforcement officers, accusing them of beating and injuring a Raleigh man with flashlights and a police dog.

    The incident happened April 3 in East Raleigh when Kyron Dwain Hinton, 29, was crossing the street on foot at North Raleigh Boulevard and Yonkers Road. Hinton has said he left a sweepstakes parlor around 10:30 that night and was headed to downtown Raleigh when police stopped him.

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  • Bernice Ta (535 posts)
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    1. Hopefully it won't end with no conviction.

    The police need to be brought into compliance with the law. They are enforcers, not judge and jury. If this man did something wrong, arrest him and let him stand trial. If not, leave him the fuck alone.