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  • Deadpool (14147 posts)
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    $30,000 reception donated to homeless after US wedding cancelled

    An American woman whose $30,000 (£23,000) wedding was cancelled has hosted the homeless at her banquet rather than let it all go to waste.

    The wedding reception of Sarah Cummins, 25, had been booked at the plush Ritz Charles in Carmel, Indiana, and was non-refundable.

    So she contacted homeless shelters in the area and guests were bussed in for Saturday’s 170-seat dinner.

    Read More: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40625629

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8 replies
  • Snort McDork (2785 posts)
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    1. What a cool thing to do

    The homeless are so forgotten

  • nevereVereven (4556 posts)
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    2. Good for her!


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  • HIP56948 (3779 posts)
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    3. I like it. Yes Siree, I like it a lot.


  • Half Century Man (1398 posts)
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    4. Well done.

    Make the best out of a sad situation.

  • Land of Enchantment (9905 posts)
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    5. What grace, and all involved agreed.



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  • Judi Lynn (9117 posts)
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    6. Viva, Sarah Cummins. It's good to know it was unforeseen circumstances

    rather than a duplicitous relationship which caused her emergency.

    Such a very, very good thing to do, and to stay with the guests and meet them.

    No doubt her guests were so glad her marriage was going to happen later, at a better time. No way would they have wanted to benefit because someone was heartbroken!

    Here is Sarah Cummins, and her fiance, Logan Araujo in a photo taken before any of this happened:

    Sarah, speaking with the men from the mission for homeless people.

    Thank you, Deadpool, for sharing this wonderful information. It could make people happy for a week, except for the news about the death of Mr. Araujo’s mother!

  • spud demon (1185 posts)
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    7. Different spin: Heiress cleverly lashes out after refund is denied.

    By busing homeless to the dinner, she not only solidifies a rationale of “charity” for writing off the cost on her taxes, but she also brings people to the event which the proprietors who denied the refund are least-interested in serving — those who will probably never in their lives spend money at the Ritz-Carlton.

    I’m not saying what she did was evil, just not as altruistic as the headline makes it look.

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    • davidgmills (6009 posts)
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      8. My thoughts as well.

      Imagine all those people having to serve the “homeless.”  Now if only the Ritz can figure out how to “profit” off the publicity then the 1% will be happy.

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