350,000 US education jobs slashed in September

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      (WSWS) K-12 schools and colleges across the United States have issued yet another round of mass layoffs stemming from the economic fallout of the pandemic, with at least 350,000 education jobs slashed in September alone. According to the latest jobs report from the Department of Labor, employment in local government education fell by 231,000 and state government education by 49,000, while employment in private education decreased by 69,000.

      The September layoffs come four months after an unprecedented 1.4 million layoffs to education workers throughout the country as a result of the pandemic. As was the case in April and May, the layoffs have affected in most part classified employees such as bus drivers, food service workers, campus assistants, paraeducators and other school employees. These school staff have been added to the growing mass of tens of millions facing evictions, hunger and destitution.

      These mass layoffs take place as deadly school reopenings are pushed by federal and state governments across the US, in order to get students back into the classrooms to force their parents back into workplaces. Over 30 school employees and students have already died since schools began to reopen en masse in late July, while at least 42,778 students and educators have been infected and the health and lives of millions of people have been placed at risk.

      School districts across the nation are facing financial disaster and ruin. Researchers at the Learning Policy Institute have estimated the pandemic’s financial costs to public schools to be between $199 billion and $246 billion, which includes both the increased costs of dealing with COVID-19 and the loss of state revenue.

      Full story here

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      Funny, I’m not hearing about mass layoffs of police forces.

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      Hi n2doc,

      Yep – police budgets must remain high to counter all the new teacher terrorists demanding their jobs be reinstated.


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      in the 2022 Campaign Season.  Any politician that has aided and abetted getting rich over COVID-19, to include Donald Lizard Trump, should be voted out of office in 2020 too.

      The Texas Legislature meets this January-May 2021.  We need every Progressive State Senator and Representative that we can get.

      2020-2024 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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