3RD Alarm fire on USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) at Naval Base San Diego.

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      I was fortunate. The only thing that ever caught on fire on my destroyer was the huge coffee percolator in the enlisted mess, and that only happened because the Chief Petty Officers wouldn’t allow it to ever be cleaned so they could get that extra strong Navy flavor, and the shit started burning one night.

      I was in charge of the first fire team to get there, saw what was burning, shut off the electricity, and then ordered the other sailors to stand by and watch it burn beyond repair. They gleefully obeyed. After a few minutes, the damned thing had partially melted and then we put it out.

      The Chiefs weren’t too happy with me, but everybody else loved the coffee from the new percolator and the captain gave me an informal commendation for thinking of the welfare of the crew.

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      Had no idea there was a carrier by the same name. And, I would say that puppy is toast… maybe even burnt toast.

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      I heard an explosion on a privately recorded phone video uploaded on the internet somewhere but that was after the fire had been going for a while. When i lived on the ship fires scared the shit of me. They weren’t that unusual. Fortunately, the crew was well trained and they were put out in short order. I don’t think we ever had a fuel fire except that from ruptured fuel tanks once when a RA-5C exploded when it hit the fantail. Luckily, no other aircraft were struck and the fireball mostly went down the angle deck and over the side with the airframe, without igniting anything else. Only the two crewman in the aircraft died. One in the aircraft and one upon ejection on the flight deck. The other more common fires were kitchen fires, butts thrown in trash cans, and electrical fires. Every time i heard that “fire, fire, fire” warning…i’d think how do i get outta here if i need to?

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      My Nana always located the exits in any place she was going to sit down….

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