46 Million in US Say They Would Not Be Able to Afford Needed Health Care

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      “People can’t afford their goddamn healthcare,” Tim Faust, a proponent of single-payer healthcare, tweeted in response to the new report. “Families spend less on food so they can make insurance payments. This problem is felt by all, but concentrated among poor people and black people. The American model of health reform — throwing money at private insurers — can not solve it.”

      “The rot is pervasive and it runs deep,” Faust added. “People who can’t afford healthcare just don’t get healthcare. Wealthy men get to live fifteen years longer than poor men. We have condemned poor children to die from things which do not kill rich children. In America, sickness makes you poor; poorness makes you sick; then you die.”

      According to the report by Gallup and West Health, 18% of U.S. adults — around 46 million people — say that if they needed access to quality healthcare today, they would not be able to cover the costs. The same percentage of adults report that, amid a deadly pandemic, someone in their household has opted to skip needed care over the past year due to inability to pay.

      “The chances of any given household suffering from this form of healthcare insecurity are inversely related to annual household income, with 35% of respondents from low-income households — those earning under $24,000 per year — reporting forgoing care in the prior 12 months,” Gallup’s Dan Witters notes in a summary of the study’s findings. “That is five times the rate reported by those from high-income households (7%), defined as earning at least $180,000.”

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      Do they think their health insurance will pony up when they need it?

      Corporate America consists of totalitarian entities laser-focused on short-term greed.

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