4Chan Trolls Have a Plan to Mess With the Democratic Primary. It Is Incredibly Stupid.

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      Judi Lynn
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      When you’re stealing ideas from Rush Limbaugh…


      In 2008, Rush Limbaugh hatched a plan. By March, John McCain had locked down the Republican’s nomination, and while Barack Obama held a lead in delegates, he and Hillary Clinton were still duking it out in the Democratic primaries. If their fight could be prolonged, surely the winner would be too bloodied to pose as much of a threat to McCain in November, Limbaugh surmised. Dubbing his plan “Operation Chaos,” the conservative radio host urged his listeners to show up in open primary states, most notably Indiana, and vote for Clinton in an effort to lengthen the race.

      For the last several weeks, right-wingers on the message board 4chan and in r/The_Donald, a subsection of Reddit made up of some of the president’s most toxic online supporters, have talked about encouraging their members to take part in a new operation chaos, starting in South Carolina, the first open primary of the 2020 election cycle. While there have been dozens of posts discussing the prospect, no singular coordinated effort seems to have taken hold, and it is unlikely that even an organized campaign to troll the Democratic primaries would have much effect.

      “The Left is totally devouring itself and it’s a Glorious sight to see. Gulag Bernie Bros have so much hate for Pocahontas.. we should Vote for Warren in any open primaries and keep her going,” one Trump fan on Reddit wrote in a post that picked up over 1,000 upvotes, likely making it to the large subreddit’s homepage.

      “I’m voting Bloomberg in the dem primaries. I think all republicans should vote in them for the weakest or most moderate D candidate,” a poster wrote in 4chan’s /pol/ board, the site’s politics focused board that has long been a nest of alt-right trolling. “My state has an open primary, so I will vote for Yang just to fuck with the DNC,” another wrote prior to Andrew Yang dropping out of the race.


      4Chan Trolls Have a Plan to Mess With the Democratic Primary. It Is Incredibly Stupid.

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      The DNC said a phone number given to the party chairs to call in the caucus results was posted on 4Chan. That was one of the reasons the party chairs got a busy signal. At this moment the Sanders Campaign is challenging the Iowa results.

      Reading the article, it seems as if 4Chan Trolls are like the flying spaghetti monster going all over the place without a clue. In any election, there will be a group of people who mess with the system. As far as Limbaugh goes, any radio station with a shred of integrity would have taken him off the air. Clear Channel did not take Limbaugh off of the air, instead they went out of business and reformed as iHeartRadio. I will have nothing to do with iHeartRadio, they can go fuck themselves.

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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