5 Iran tankers sailing to Venezuela amid US pressure tactics

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      DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Five Iranian tankers likely carrying at least $45.5 million worth of gasoline and similar products are now sailing to Venezuela, part of a wider deal between the two U.S.-sanctioned nations amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.

      The tankers’ voyage came after Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolás Maduro already turned to Iran for help in flying in chemicals needed at an aging refinery amid a gasoline shortage, a symptom of the wider economic and political chaos gripping Latin America’s one-time largest oil producer.

      For Iran, the tankers represent a way to bring money into its cash-starved Shiite theocracy and put its own pressure on the U.S., which under President Donald Trump has pursued maximalist campaigns against both nations.

      But the strategy invites the chance of a renewed confrontation between the Islamic Republic and America both in the Persian Gulf, which saw a series of escalating incidents often involving the oil industry last year, and wider afield…


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      What’s Trump going to do? Order a blockade of Venezuela? Intercept the oil shipments with the US Navy to enforce unilateral American sanctions? I’m sure some of Trump’s advisers and cabinet members are urging him to do just that.

      Trump will do what he thinks will best boost the ratings of the reality TV show in which his mind lives. He will wonder if a naval confrontation with Venezuela during a pandemic will make him look good. Our best hope is that he will decide it won’t. I doubt the Joint Chiefs will be wanting such a confrontation right now, either, and they got guns. Trump knows that, too, because he wishes they were his to play with but knows by now that they aren’t.

      The thing is, Trump may have a chance to outflank Biden to the left again by not intercepting the Iranian tankers. Biden will no doubt be all for it, and be stupid enough or demented enough to say so.

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      in front of their names. The US did not.

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      It is an international affair, this is serious

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      Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have exposed a secretive Foreign Office unit aimed at the ‘reconstruction’ of Venezuela. The files also reveal private discussions between Venezuelan opposition figures and UK officials, detailing proposals for the promotion of British business after a planned coup.

      UK support for coup attempt in Venezuela

      Over the past 16 months, the UK government has consistently supported Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaidó’s attempts to topple the elected government of president Nicolás Maduro.

      In late January 2019, for example, the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) urged the Bank of England to grant Guaidó access to £1.2bn of Venezuelan gold reserves.

      The Department for International Development (DFID) has also pledged some £40m of ‘humanitarian assistance’ to Venezuela, but it has refused to reveal where this assistance is going.

      Posters Note: This is related to the video above. More at the link below:

      LINK–The Canary, Revealed: Secretive British unit planning for ‘reconstruction’ of Venezuela


      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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      As others above have stated, I agree that Trump would want to use this (or not use this at all), in a way that made him more electable.

      That said, I wonder if the choice that he might want to make is really his to make.

      For instance: What if the Russian Navy is keeping an eye on those 5 ships.

      The Russians are invested both in Iran and Venezuela.

      Looked at from a different angle without throwing the Russian Navy into the mix for a moment:

      This plan with the 5 ships helps Iran, this plan helps Venezuela, this plan tweeks the U.S. government’s foreign policy on it’s nose.

      Such a triple win and even without the virus to distract the citizenry, wouldn’t we automatically expect our government to do something outlandish?

      Shouldn’t we hear Pompeo telling us some balderdash about those 5 ships right now-something like how they are filled with terrorists or nuke parts?

      Wouldn’t we expect to hold our breaths while His Presedentialness ordered those 5 ships to turn around or worse he sends in our navy to sieze them?

      Now…consider the possibility that the Russian Navy, maybe one of their subs, is actually escorting those 5 ships.

      All of a sudden how our government handles this takes on a different perspective.

      If the Russians are tailing those 5 ships, our Navy knows it and the Russian Navy knows that we know it.

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      The weird thing is I think I trust Trump more then Biden on this. Not by much mind you, trump likes to bully but when it comes down to it he doesn’t seem to be interested in starting more wars. He like to do things that can’t blow back on him much. Like bombing syria empty space or targeting an Iranian leader, which he didn’t think would cause blow back but did and he tried to hide it. Biden would get the UK’s trump junior and they would start world war three, the Democrats have become dangerous as far as war goes they have stepped right into the republican roll.  Both parties are off the charts when are the people going to get that!


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