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  • Judi Lynn (8622 posts)
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    5 Mexican states get highest US 'do not travel' warning

    5 Mexican states get highest US ‘do not travel’ warning
    Mark Stevenson, Associated Press
    Updated 7:18 pm, Wednesday, January 10, 2018

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Five states in Mexico now have the sternest “do not travel” advisories under a revamped U.S. State Department system unveiled Wednesday, putting them on the same level as war-torn countries like Syria, Yemen and Somalia.

    The five states are Tamaulipas on the U.S. border and Sinaloa, Colima, Michoacan and Guerrero on the Pacific coast. All the states are hotspots of drug cartel activity, either hosting trafficking routes or extensive drug-crop cultivation.

    The State Department had previously discouraged travel to all or part of those states but the new warnings are sterner, placing them on a level 4 warning, the highest level of potential danger.

    Mexico as a whole has a level 2 rating, meaning Americans should “exercise increased caution” because of concerns about crime. But an additional 11 Mexican states got a level 3 warning Wednesday, which urges people to “reconsider travel” there. Mexico has 31 states, half of which are now under level 3 or 4 warnings.

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  • ravensong (2170 posts)
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    1. Many years ago I wandered too close to a marijuana farm in the jungle in

    Jalisco, and was escorted to my destination by an armed man with a bandolier full of bullets. I asked no questions.  Another time, when I was camping near the river in the bottom of the Copper Canyon, a guy with a rifle came out of the trees and wanted to trade me 10 kilos of marijuana for my camp stove. I politely declined, and after coffee he headed back to wherever.  Another time, on a beach where I was camping with my girlfriend and waiting for the ferry near Puerto Vallarta, a man approached us and asked if I wanted to buy 30 kilos for $100. I politely declined. When we got off the ferry in Pichilingue a few days later, the cops totally tore my van apart, found nothing illegal, and left me and my girlfriend to put it back together.

    Recently, two female relatives of a long time acquaintance of mine were decapitated, in a little village a few miles from where I’m staying.  I asked no questions.  Decapitation seems to be the preferred method of execution down here these days, I frequently here stories about multiple bodies turning up headless.  I don’t take drugs, do my best to stay away from anyone who I think has even a hint of a possibility of being involved with drugs or anything illegal in any way, and don’t know, and don’t want to know, anything about the affairs of cartels.

    Ex-pats and travelers from other countries don’t seem to get bothered by those involved in cartel affairs. But things have definitely become increasingly dangerous down here in recent years, and the State Department travel advisories are definitely warranted.

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  • spud demon (1147 posts)
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    2. It's a jungle because of the US-exported war on drugs

    If we didn’t put so much money into stopping the drug trade, there wouldn’t be so much profit in circumventing the rules.

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