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      While Bernie has made gains in this demographic since 2016, the latest poll for NH shows him trailing in this demographic and its made me consider, how should you approach folks in this age demo in order to convince them to vote Bernie? Full disclosure, this is my age demographic so I think I have some ideas here.

      First, that whole “Socialism” thing.  It’s going to get brought up in this demographic a lot and instead of lecturing about the difference between an economic system and the political system of Democratic Socialism, I would suggest that you immediately turn the discussion to the issues.  You might add that we’re not looking to resurrect Che Guevara to become President here either (regardless of how you may feel about Che Guevara, we’re talking about electing Bernie.)

      The biggest issues I would hit on with this age demographic is Bernie supporting an increase to Social Security benefits.  How many other candidates have come out in favor of this policy?  Prescription drug costs, yes total discussion point here when so many Americans are having to make choices between food and medications.

      Another issue that seriously resonates with this group is the abuses of Wall Street.  Everybody who held any type of retirement savings saw those savings diminished radically after the failures of Wall Street.  Homes were lost en masse or devalued to the point that many still have not recovered equity.

      One other issue that I think resonates with this age group is the Trump administrations handling of families seeking asylum in the US and having their children ripped from their mothers.  That kind of horror may hit close to home as this group well remembers the travesties committed during WWII (even if this age group is to young to have been in the War, the Holocaust is not something denied by all but a few.

      There is a very old and sage bit of wisdom about voters and that is that they always vote in their own economic best interests (at least perceived best interests).  From the right, that whole building a wall thing is fear based garbage, but a whole bunch of people in this age group and beyond have bought into this kind of crap.

      I suppose my main point here, is that when we go forth and talk about Bernie’s message, we make sure that we are discussing those things that may fit a demographic.  Of course, interest vary a great deal, but I would allow the person you are having a conversation with in the 55 to 74 demo to bring up the Green New Deal first.

      For a little bit of a post script, I happened to leave the Democratic Party after 2016, but I did join the DSA.  I do not consider myself a Socialist in the economic sense however, I do understand the difference between that and Democratic Socialism.  The whole reason that I joined the DSA where I have found a mix of the former and the latter is their stand on the issues; Red for Ed, Medicare for All and more.  I personally don’t care what you call me, if your group supports issues important to me, consider me in!

      Also, I have just rejoined the Democratic Party here, but only because this State has closed Presidential primaries.





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      I’m in that demographic as well. Rock-ribbed Republicans are largely hopeless, but they’re not really in the majority. You make some excellent points.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

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      I am 57 and I know what I want and what I can reasonably expect from pols, but I also know who is full of shit and who isn’t, and that I learned this from experience, which just about everyone in this age group should also have learned by this time in their life, but if they haven’t I am not sure what could really convince old dogs to try new tricks. But if it can be done, I would agree with focusing on MFA and Social Security.

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      68 here and no one needs to convince me to vote for Bernie.  Bernie is the best candidate for president in my lifetime.

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      This is incredibly annoying – wrote a very long post explaining my suggestions and with many references — and it disappeared!  Note to self – in future, compose posts in an external text editor then copy/paste here.

      Don’t have time to recreate, but here are some of the points:

      1.  Taxation –
        1. Explain marginal tax rates.
        2. Highest US federal marginal tax rate between 1946 and 1980 was between 70 and 91%.
        3. Only first $132,900 of income has FICA taken out, so that is a 6.2% tax reduction on every dollar after that.
        4. Investment income taxed at between 15-20% for the 1%, before loopholes.
        5. Investment income does not have Medicare or FICA taken out.
        6. Hedge fund manager income, of which the majority is classed as investment income enabling them to pay the lowest tax rates.
        7. Loopholes written to benefit only the very rich.
      2. Disproportionate benefits to the wealthy from public expenditures in the US mean that they should pay a higher rate (they would not be as wealthy in most other countries as they would either pay higher taxes, or would have to pay out of pocket to provide them) –
        1. Personal security (police)
        2. Courts
        3. Infrastructure
        4. Patent/copyright protections
        5. Education of workers
        6. Subsidization of non-living wages for those of lower income by tax payers
        7. Stability of government (comparatively speaking)
        8. Threat of US military involvement overseas should any other country seize assets, or them
      3. Velocity of money (how $1 in the hands of the plebes can be of more value to the economy as a whole than the same $1 in the hands of the rich).
      4. Dollars are sucked out of the US economy to be stashed overseas or used in the Wall Street casino when owners of capital get too big a piece of improvements in productivity.  Past taxation policies were designed to create incentive to investment in the company/community and discourage formation of a rentier class and profit taking,

      The majority of mankind is ground down by industrial oppression in order that the small remnant may live in ease.
      —Helen Keller, 1911

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      At Sanders rallies last time, I got the sense that the revolution was being made by grandparents and their grandchildren.

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      I think everybody on this site is in that age range, so it surprises me that he is supposedly lagging in that group.

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