7 charts show how the coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy

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      Seven (7) charts show how the coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy.


           Decent article even though MicroSoft NBC sucks.  Years ago, I got into collecting charts of all sorts in the early days of my binge-browsing.  I have several folders full of graphs, mostly examining our inequality.
           So given the obvious conclusion that there certainly has been a Mariana Trench drop in the world “economy”, inquiring minds would like to know why there has not been the same drop in everyone’s Insurance rates (health, car, home, etc.).
           It is mendacious and fart-in-my-face insulting for these Insurance CEO S-holes to do the BLM statements, thump their virtual chests bellowing about how “we’re in this together”,  and bragging about their “rebates” they are giving out.  All the while they charge hundreds of dollars a month for an occasional quarantine trip to the grocery store.   It is just out and out thievery.
           Hell, this and other concerns would have been addressed by a congress if they weren’t crooked as fuck.  WHY IN THE HELL have the federal, state, and local VERMIN NOT ADDRESSED THE AVAILABILITY OF PPE.  If a government mandates A SHELTER IN PLACE to address a pandemic, THE GOVERNMENT ORDERING THAT should be liable TO EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN for a minimal level of support.  Anything less than that is just fucking abuse from these S-holes.  Similiarly any S-hole that mandates face masks and does not provide them to their citizens should have their face tied to the rear of a large animal while it shits.  Even if that were to happen, I would still feel cheated by these S-holes.  Because there is not doubt that these Pelosi’s and McConnel’s deserve much worse.
           Anyway, nice charts if you like that sort of thing.

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