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    A 12-Year-Old Muslim Boy With Learning Disabilities Was Forced to Confess–

    –Allegiance to ISIS


    His family is seeking $25 million in damages, alleging that the school violated Uppal’s civil rights and broke state and federal anti-discrimination laws protecting religious freedoms and the rights of disabled people in the way they allowed the child to be treated.

    “They knew Nashwan and their own records described his disability, they knew he had severe language issues, communication issues, vocabulary issues, emotional issues, social issues. Those are not my words, those are their words from seven years in the special education department,” David Antwork, the family’s lawyer, told Fusion.

    Teachers and cafeteria volunteers who were allegedly present in the cafeteria did not intervene at any point during the incident, according to the lawsuit. School authorities have not confirmed whether or not any staff members witnessed the bullying, and a spokesperson for the East Islip Union Free School District told Fusion that the school district would not comment on current litigation.

    The day after the alleged bullying incident in the lunchroom, the school’s principal, Mark Bernard, called Uppal into his office, where he and vice principal Jason Stanton allegedly proceeded to shout at Uppal and interrogate him about his “terrorist” allegiances:

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