A 2 a.m. Talk With Rahul Dubey, the 'Absolute Legend' Sheltering Black Lives Matter Protesters

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      On the evening of Monday, June 1, 2020, just before D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s 7pm curfew went into effect, Secret Service police and the National Guard pushed back on a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators to clear a path for President Trump to walk from the White House to St. John’s Church for a photo opportunity. Just over a mile away is where Rahul Dubey, a 17-year resident of Washington DC, lives. Dubey’s home—three stories and about 1600 square feet—isn’t as large as the sanctuary at St. John’s Church, but it became a sanctuary just the same. Hours after the curfew, around 70 protesters landed at Dubey’s home for a night-long standoff with police. As one protester taking refuge in Dubey’s home put it, “It’s been a roller coaster between a lot of tension and a lot of chillin. Right now we’re chillin mostly because Rahul is an absolute legend and got some pizza delivered.” Amid the action, we talked on the phone with the “legend” who provided a home to those who needed it.

      AS TOLD TO

      It was around 8:30, and I took a quick stroll around the block. It was a three-quarter moon, and I went over to the FreeMason Temple, which is about a block away from my house to get some fresh air because I knew I’d be in for the rest of the night. I had just stepped outside on my stoop. Next thing I know there was a convergence outside on the corner of 15th and Swann, and police had created this blocked wall. We were kind of just holding off, and there was a bottleneck, so people couldn’t go anywhere. A crowd had gathered outside of my house, and it got bigger and bigger, and the police crowd simultaneously was getting bigger and bigger, and they were pushing back. Before I knew it, it had happened really quick. A couple people had sat on my steps. We were talking about where they were coming from and one person asked if they could charge their phone in my house. Another person asked if they could use the bathroom because we were all holed up for like 25 minutes.

      Next thing I know it was like “Get back! Get back!” and I heard screams and shouts and some pops and fire. I saw pepper spray going everywhere. I flung open the door, and I grabbed the railing and started pushing people into my house. It was like a human tsunami of people that the cops were pushing into my street, and the overflow was coming into my house. I hadn’t seen anything like it. All I kept on yelling was “Get in! Get in!” I kept saying, “Get downstairs! Get upstairs!”

      When the police line had finally passed my house, that’s when the bodies stopped pouring in and I was able to shut the door and lock it. People were pouring milk on their faces, and water was being flung around. I went downstairs to get water for people. People were coughing. I had pepper spray in my eyes. They were shooting pepper spray in through the window. That was mayhem for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and then as soon as I stepped onto the front porch, [the police] said, “Get back in the house, or we’ll put you down,” and I said, “Look, I got a bunch of people in here.” They said, “Get the fuck back inside.” I waited about an hour, and I went back out and said, “I request to talk to somebody,” and they said, “We told you to get back. Get back or we’ll fucking arrest you,” so I went back in the house.



      Fuck The Police

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      Fuck the Police dog army soldier fucking marine GIF

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      I had to send that picture to my daughter Mr Mickey’s mom


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      in the 60s and 70s.

      If they thought that was bad, just wait. People are going to turn on them like they’ve never seen. As the saying goes…

      “All cops eat shit” and they’re proving it in real time… on live video. Now, EVERYONE can see exactly who and what they are… a bunch of THUGS. That’s probably why they became cops in the first place. They get to play with guns, pretend they’re in the military firing rubber bullets, tear gas and percussion canisters and the most fun of all? They get to kill people, blind people and mame people with zero repercussions. Fun times for pigs!

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