A Backroom Deal To Kill Single Payer in NY

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      n addition to lobbying by health insurance companies and business groups in the state, public sector unions including the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) have been lobbying against the bill. Realities of Single Payer — a coalition of businesses, insurance lobbying groups, and unions opposing the legislation — has been running television and radio ads.

      In effect, labor leaders are reprising their role opposing Medicare for All during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

      “We see our primary opposition as private insurance companies and their front groups and associations. They are doing things like running TV ads and online ads against the New York Health Act, with a lot of misinformation and fearmongering, particularly directed towards seniors,” Ursula Rozum, co-director of the Campaign for New York Health, a group organizing to pass the bill, told The Daily Poster.

      “But with New York being a progressive state where unions have a lot of power in terms of helping democrats maintain their majority, I think it does make sense that without the support of public employee unions, there are Democrats that are reluctant to get enthusiastically behind the Health Act,” she added. “I think it is accurate to say that the lack of support from public employee unions is part of what is holding up the vote on the bill.”

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      AFSCME does the same thing. The only substantial thing they’ve delivered for the last 20 years is good(by lowly American standards) health insurance. Take that away, and they’ve got nothing. They also don’t want to do anything else, because unions at the state and national levels are corrupt as fuck. Union officials on six figure salaries see their membership as the enemy, not as clients.

      Yet one more reason I can’t stand liberals. They refuse to see this. Most don’t have to, because they’re so well off they’ve never had to be in a union. But they do know how to cheerlead.

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