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    A Bernie Sanders Musical Takes the Revolution From Park Slope to Burlington

    A Bernie Sanders Musical Takes the Revolution From Park Slope to Burlington
    Michael Appler
    The Village Voice

    Tonight, Feel the Bern — A Musical Of the People, By the People, and For the People is making its one-time-only debut. And in the front row, wearing a bright blue Bernie T-shirt and carefully watching her actors’ every move, Meira Marom nervously pulls at her hair.

    Performed by a cast of eight, Marom’s musical is Christmas themed. Bernie Sanders is Jewish, but that doesn’t matter. “Like Santa, Bernie is kind of the ultimate giver. No one gets left behind. No matter your means or background, you get a visit from him. Only his gifts are the exact opposite of Santa’s consumerism-fest,” says Marom. Her spectacle is also postapocalyptic and takes place in the year 2132: Global warming has washed away the eastern coast of the United States, and the characters have gathered for their holiday on the new shore — in Cleveland.

    “I know — and I don’t know if you accept this or not — but I know in my heart that there was voter fraud like nobody’s business. ‘Cause I was out there, door-knocking like you wouldn’t believe. And I hardly ever ran into any Hillary supporters. I know that Brooklyn was ours. I know what happened in Arizona with the six-hour-long waits. We saw the WikiLeaks. It was his. And it was taken from him.”

    In 2015, the masses had been fooled into thinking we lived in a democracy, drugged by the billionaire class and the media. The billionaire class managed life in the 21st century, opposed only by Sanders and his supporters. But the “Protectors of the Revolution” were betrayed by neoliberals at the Democratic convention, ushering in a long period of troubles (which seems to have ended with Sanders Claus arriving with the gift of socialism).

    The betrayal in Philadelphia was the climactic moment of the play, because inside Bernie-world the problems of this election don’t begin with Donald Trump; they start with Hillary. By far the most egregious sin was the ousting of Bernie Sanders from the general election.


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