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      Reporting on Assange’s situation has become scarce as he languishes in a British jail; this article gives a better account of his most recent hearing than I’ve seen elsewhere: https://www.counterpunch.org/2020/01/16/short-of-time-julian-assange-at-the-westminster-magistrates-court/

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      Maybe English athletes should be taking a knee, in the name of justice for Assange?

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      Assange will almost certainly die in prison.  Maybe there, maybe here in the U.S.  On the off chance that he doesn’t, I can only imagine the kind of psychological problems he will return to anything resembling “freedom” with.  Frankly, if we needed a sign that the corrupt, global oligarchy had already won the war… this is a pretty damn big one.  This is how investigative journalists who reveal the truth are punished – and in his case, I think it would have been kinder to execute him.  No, they want him disgraced, marginalized, made insignificant.  Perhaps they will push him to confess to some crime or other – and whatever it is, plenty will believe it.

      Politicians and so called “journalists” anchors, etc. have been calling for his death for years.  I have little doubt that without the amount of coverage this case has received, he would have already been placed, more quietly, in a prison that would make gitmo look like a resort.

      It is a damn shame that so many world governments are complicit in this – that so few (if any?) have condemned what has been and is being done to him.  On occasion, I wonder if there might be a chance for other National governments to reject the corruption, greed and soul-less tyranny that has become so common in the western world today.  When I think of Assange though – and how he has been treated…

      Mass resistance is the only way.  Electing Bernie Sanders is a good start, but only a start – we’ve got to take this thing global – and shut down the sons of bitches who would imprison people for revealing uncomfortable truths.

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      This is a Soviet-style show trial for a Soviet-style crime—making the public aware of otherwise censored facts.

      What they are doing to Assange,the Soviet Union did to people like Andrei Sakharov.

      Assange will die for his heroism.

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