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    A coup and austerity bring chaos to Brazil

    A coup and austerity bring chaos to Brazil
    Dec Saturday 31st  2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    Brazilians face an uncertain future as Temer’s unelected government forces austerity into the country’s constitution, writes CHRIS WILLIAMSON

    YOU’D be forgiven for not knowing the state of Brazilian politics. Indeed, other than the Star and a few articles in the Guardian, the media coverage of the fifth-biggest country in the world has at times felt non-existent.

    But with the passing this month of a controversial 20-year spending freeze by a president, who was installed without an election, the country’s economy faces chaos, and it will be the poorest who suffer the most.

    The controversial measure, known as PEC55, limits spending at all levels of government in health, education and social welfare and is part of a drastic set of austerity policies. At a time when the education system is considered to be failing and 75 per cent of the population are reliant on the free health service, it’s no surprise that this has prompted a huge backlash.

    Thousands have taken to the streets in cities across the country, major trade unions have called a national strike and students have occupied over 1,100 schools and universities.


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  • newsjunkie (661 posts)
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    1. recommend x10000+

    This is one of the saddest coups that so completely slipped off the radar. Sending my best wishes to Rousseff for the new year. (even Word doesn’t recognize her name)

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    2. A silent coup by a corrupt group of criminals and the world remains silent

    I hope he is ousted. But no doubt he has the backing of the usual suspects from OUTSIDE that country.

    If he’s willing to do to his people what was done to the Greeks and so many others, install these neoliberal, disastrous policies, he will have the protection of the Western oligarchs and the IMF will be ready to come in and place that poor country in debt forever.

    So sad ….

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    3. fuck the locusts eating the world