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  • Ichingcarpenter (4132 posts)
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    A Coup In Camelot

    A startling new investigation of America’s most infamous cold case.

    A Coup In Camelot is a documentary that shines a fresh light on the forensic ‘fingerprints’ surrounding that fateful day in November of 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The film features compelling analysis by the top medical, forensic and research experts in the country.

    A Coup In Camelot provides an in-depth study of how Secret Service protocols were not followed, and offers analysis of the famous Zapruder film with stunning 6k digital scans to show a clarity 10 times greater than High Definition. Modern day forensics and wound ballistic techniques are applied to determine where the fatal head shot came from. Details of a casket shell game and shocking medical alterations done to the President’s body are revealed, to uncover a chilling story of conspiracy.

    Experts unravel the turbulent story of Lee Harvey Oswald’s life and actions, and reveal the results of a decades long search for the mysterious Girl on the Stairs. From JFK’s plans for peace, to the country’s immersion in Vietnam after President Kennedy’s death, this powerful examination of new research with exclusive interviews, unfolds to tell the dramatic tale of A Coup In Camelot.


    Directed and Produced by Stephen Goetsch
    Written and Produced by Art Van Kampen
    Narrated by Peter Coyote





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  • MrMickeysMom (1890 posts)
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    1. I see a lot of good researchers in this trailer for film…

    For anyone wishing to hear what many of them have said in interviews or read the text from generations of researchers on the Kennedy assassination, you may wish to spend some of your time here: http://www.blackopradio.com

    I’ll guarantee you’ll keep going back. It doesn’t matter when you were born. This murder was unnecessary and there are too many of TPTB who wish you didn’t give a rat’s ass about it.

    Hell no...I'm not giving up...     cat-gif-238.gif giphy.gif
    • goodgirl (2180 posts)
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      2. They can wish all they want.

      I have never gotten over that murder.  Never will.

      Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
      • MrMickeysMom (1890 posts)
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        3. I find it surreal that this unsolved murder would be swept aside…

        Of course, the MSM has much to do with that. In fact, to distract the general public to the “case solved” theory, there is the occasional report that may even be endorsed by figures even like Tom Hanks to offer some kind of credibility) is produced to continue carrying the myth. I’ve never been distracted, and since ALL of the reasons behind continuing the long-term goal of unending foreign wars, YOU WOULD THINK that the general public would be out in the streets demanding an official trial with full evidence of that bullshit single gun theory and the magic bullet.

        The forensics do not hold. What historical change in executive memos to re-engage in Southeast Asia, added with the subsequent hold in foreign regime change by an agency with a black op budget should cause the American public to insist that the CIA be broken into a thousand pieces.

        They have continued IN OUR NAME into what everyone came to understand as the Project  for the New American Century (PNAC). These acronyms continue to morph and the public continues to be put asleep by the cover up.

        We allow black op budgets and the continua distractions to the truth.

        Hell no...I'm not giving up...     cat-gif-238.gif giphy.gif