A couple of “FAQ”‘s from an acquaintance involved in the Biden campaign

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      The following was sent to me as part of a fundraising email (my acquaintance is from many years ago, now lives far away and wouldn’t know I was hard-core for Bernie):

      “There will definitely be events scheduled around August 1 to celebrate the announcement of Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate … whomever she will be. 

      “The Democratic Convention will be held virtually this year.  There will be event “packages” available to access special programming.  If you are interested, please let me know.”

      (So much for protests re- the nomination process.  And I’m guessing the “special packages” can only be had for a price.)

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      Hi Snot,

      Yep – The Democrats have become a “pay-to-play” political party.


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      And brag about it on Facebook. Same guy claims to be progressive but is opposed to Medicare for All because he thinks he has a steady job and likea his private health insurance. And doesn’t want to pay a dime in higher taxes, of course.

      But he and his wife went to the “herculean effort” of making a Black Lives Matter banner for their exurban front yard and then putting it up again after one of their Redneckistan neighbors knocked it down. And Trump Especially Bad because he had to cancel his European vacation.

      Then he says if you don’t vote for Trump you must be privileged. Love me, love me, love me, I’m a liberal. Dude’s a walking caricature.

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