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      For the Rethugs, the primary winner to challenge Jeff Merkley is going to be a QAnon conspiracy promoter. Oregon outside the Willamette valley areas is very red and has no media except from the right wing. This is probably good news for Merkley.


      Shemia Fagan won for Secretary of State on the Democratic side over Mark Hass and a third female candidate that I liked as well because of her inroads with eastern Oregon voters. This is significant because late votes being turned in pushed her over the top and Shemia had a lot of union money backing her. Hass apparently being punished for his vote to cut state retirement benefits, perhaps unfairly. I liked Shemia because she grew up poor and in a red portion of the state along with her stances on issues.

      Finally, Rethug participation in this election was way down as well. We live in interesting times.





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      He ignored the question and answered “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

      “I share your concerns about the political future of our country, and I agree we must uphold the standards of our democracy and election security. We need to ensure that our elections accurately reflect the will of the people, and remain immune to foreign influences.

      On July 24, 2019, in testimony to the House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller outlined a systematic threat to our political systems. In his testimony, he confirmed that Russia was actively working to spread misinformation and undermine public trust in democracy. This should raise alarm for all Americans, regardless of party affiliation.”

      I’m not sure I’ll be able to vote for him again.

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      I went to a town hall meeting and was stunned how pro war he is, I always thought he was a progressive just on some stuff. I think they all vote no on the pentagon budget because it is safe for them to do so. They will use them for votes later to push forward stuff like BDS.  Cantwell and Murray are 2 who they use to be the dems that kill things that big pharma want killed.  I am done voting for wyden merkley and defazio  actually for the time being I am done voting for anyone who has been in office more then 2 terms. I never believed in term limits but I am imposing my own, and rethinking my belief


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      I voted for him when he 1st ran  in 2008. I have not voted for him since. He is sucking hugely on a local (his hood) issue which he lied about to get in.

      From time to time I hear how progressive he is and I have to wonder why.

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