A mink may have infected a second Dutch worker

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      The Dutch agriculture ministry said on Monday that a second worker has likely been infected with coronavirus on a mink farm, but stressed that the risk of further contagion remains very low….Schouten said that the Dutch health authorities believe the risk of human exposure to the virus outside the barns where the mink were being kept was “negligible.”

      On April 26, the Dutch government reported that mink on two farms in the south of the country had been found to have the virus, triggering a wider investigation.  Last week, the government reported its first suspected case of mink-to-human transmission. As a result Schouten and health minister Hugo de Jonge introduced new measures, including screening mink at all farms in the Netherlands for antibodies and requirements for staff members to wear protective equipment.

      There have been several cases of infections in animals since the pandemic went global. News in February that a Hong Kong pet dog had tested “weak-positive” for COVID-19 sparked panic that domestic dogs and cats could be transmitters of the virus…


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      I remember when the bird flu was wiping out all those commercial caged and low roofed, dark, overcrowded barned chickens. My 30 free range chickens were just fine, except when they got into my tomatoes. Then we had to limit their range with a fence around the garden.

      Everybody was trying to buy up my eggs. No shortages of eggs because so many farmers here were selling free range eggs. TN had just removed regulatory restrictions on small egg producers.

      That’s what happens when you have a diverse and robust small farmer industry. Funny how the free range chickens rarely got that flu.

      Makes me wonder what kind of conditions these minks are raised in.

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Never understand the vanity of people wanting to wear a dead animal like that.

      ~ All good things are Wild and Free ~

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