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      Sanders artfully navigated a high-stakes, high-wire act over the last several weeks, calming restive progressives who wanted more, fending off anxious moderates who wanted the price tag of the bill trimmed, and keeping the confidence of the Biden White House throughout.

      His influence over the process was amplified by the tenuous majority Democrats hold over the Senate, which forced them to push the bill through the chamber using the Byzantine procedure known as reconciliation. Lawmakers use the tactic to advance spending measures with a simple majority vote, sidestepping threatened filibusters from opponents.

      “It is a uniquely exasperating process,” said Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden, the Oregon Democrat who worked in tandem with Sanders to hold the line on the relief bill amid pressure to cut the $1.9-trillion price tag. “It very often feels like the premium is not on the best ideas but on trying to come up with some kind of workaround. Sen. Sanders showed you can work through this set of unique challenges and bring through the process a bill that really meets the moment and meets the times.”

      He worked the phones with gusto, advisors said, chatting almost daily with the White House chief of staff and Senate majority leader, but also with the chair of the 93-member Progressive Caucus in the House, Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, who worked with him to keep the left on board. None of it surprised Jayapal, one of many longtime Sanders colleagues who say his image as a gruff and rigid crusader belies his deep experience as a legislative tactician.

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      accelerate the movement forward in the halls of power. For years he has been accelerating the movement forward

      outside the halls of power….

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