A New Study Reveals What’s Actually in Hot Dogs. Hint: It’s Not Meat.

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      Rouse got curious as to what exactly where in dogless hot dogs a couple years ago and realized that he had the ability to figure it out. “We work in a lab, we make slides all day. Hot dogs are kind of the perfect shape to make into a slide. We can actually answer this question.” He recounted how he figured it out to the publication.

      So he and his colleague Jordan Radigan got their hands on three types of dogs: a no-name brand from the supermarket, another all-beef dog and a third from a ballpark vendor. They then took cross sections for slides and used stains to identify different types of tissue. And found, to their surprise, that most slices consisted primarily of fat globules, with very little skeletal muscle—the stuff we tend to think of as “meat.”  The researchers also found bits of bone and blood vessels and cartilage—even plant material.

      How did the plant material get in there you’re wondering? Rouse explains:

      Let me put it this way. Sometimes I get biopsies from human colons and I find vegetable matter. I’ll just leave it at that.


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      So Far From Heaven
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      i should report this.

      I just lost my appetite. And I was hungry before now.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      So hot dogs are the primitive diet, plus all sorts of chemicals added in just for fun and preservation. I’ll be grilling some up in a few minutes! With bacon cheeseburgers.

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        So Far From Heaven
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        Now I can’t eat them. We NEVER ate the whole animal, even on the ranch. Even though we slaughtered them right there for a long time.

        Me love moo. We named them and then et ’em. Sir Sirloin and Hamburger Walking and those kinda names.

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      we called them ‘tube steaks’. Ha!

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      Of course, there’s a continuum of them out there and it’s been ages since I’ve had the real thing, but all in all I’ve been surprised at how much veggie dogs taste like “real ones.” Just goes to show you how important the spices and other additives are in those things.

      Granted, if you’re a vegetarian, it’s sort of silly to spend a lot of your time eating fake meat. But there are certain occasions – like this one, for example –  where veggie dogs are both appropriate and convenient.

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      Populist Prole
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      I do have a reasonable expectation of something being advertised as “all beef” being made from ( before processing ) well, beef.

      That said, it’s quite true that a “nose to tail” eating culture is observed. One of the tastiest things I ate while visiting Sicily were lamb intestines wrapped around a scallion and grilled over a charcoal grill. ‘Pane con Meusa’ was also good: A sandwich with a meat product of cow spleen and trachea.

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      A Simple Game
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      Think hot dogs are bad, try Vienna sausages, the ingredient list would be gross for many people.  Fat content? No need for slides, it’s on the label.  Vegetable matter?  Probably soy or some other filler.  Myself?  I prefer the cheaper hot dogs to the premium brands.

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      here’s what is in the fake-meat sausages I like for long buns:

      Ingredients: Vital wheat gluten, organic tofu (water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride,calcium chloride), water, expeller pressed canola oil, onions, soy sauce (water,soybeans, wheat,salt), soy flour and/or concentrate, granulated garlic, contains less than 2% of garlic puree, sea salt, spices, cane sugar, potassium chloride.

      And when I make my own fake meat (using a food processor and a pressure cooker) there are even fewer ingredients for a healthier product:

      Chickwheat Shreds
      Ingredients: Cooked chickpeas, aquafaba (vegetable broth or water can be substituted), vegetable oil, white miso paste, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, apple cider vinegar, and vital wheat gluten.

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      B Calm
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      They taste better too!

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      I’d love them if they were real meat,but they taste like garbage even when they’re grilled.


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      Doesn’t bother me, as long as it’s a major brand like Oscar Meyer or Vienna Beef.  What bothers me most is the use of nitrites, so I buy the “no nitrite” version.

      For those who think hot dogs are gross, try watching one of these survival reality shows, like Alone or Life Below Zero – when they catch a critter, they cook and eat everything, and enjoy it.  I think the only part I can’t envision even trying is … brain.  Then again, perhaps I just need a good chianti to wash it down…?

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      before they started using tools that enabled them to hunt large mammals. At that time, they probably ate very similarly to other species of apes like gorillas, bonobos and orangutans. Our puny teeth and jaws, and our lack of physical strength and natural weapons, point to a diet consisting primarily of vegetation and sources of animal protein on a much smaller scale, like from grub-worms, insects and eggs.

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      We needed a big increase in calorie dense foods. Fat meets that requirement.

      It could have been plant fats but the most dense plant fats usually only grow in the tropics think avocado and coconuts.


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      @yanath I was thinking of hunter-gatherers during the Old Stone Age in Europe, not plains apes who’d only come down from the trees a million years earlier.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Mostly potato, wheat gluten and apples, sage,  n at… The real treat was the sides – home made potato salad and cole slaw that I should share with the “what’s for dinner?” except it’s what’s left over from dinner…

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Coronavirus: Records broken at socially distanced hot dog contest

      Coney Island in the US has hosted a special socially-distanced version of an annual hot dog eating contest amid the coronavirus pandemic.

      New records were set in both the men’s and women’s categories at the climate-controlled indoor event in Brooklyn, New York City, on Saturday.

      Californian Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won the men’s division for the 13th time, swallowing 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

      Miki Sudo, from Connecticut, took the women’s title by downing 48.5 hot dogs

      from: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53299844

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