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      Although we aren’t seeing any systematic deferment of mortgages or canceling of rents in the US, what we are seeing are lots of temporary bans on evictions…In Portland OR) …if your income was dramatically impacted by the pandemic and associated lockdown, you can defer your rent payments until six months after the county has determined that the crisis is over.  At that point, you may owe your landlord tens of thousands of dollars, all of a sudden, and thus, the main waves of evictions will happen then, rather than this summer, where it will happen in many other places…

      Now here we are again, in a new depression, and with fairly sympathetic city and county governments here and elsewhere… If we want to stop the wave of evictions that will come, we must now start organizing… (T)here are other, real…functioning alternatives to be found in many other countries…that work much, much better than our collapsing house of cards ponzi scheme economy, administered by a kleptocratic government controlled by real estate industry lobbyists who have systematically engineered the whole ponzi scheme … One of the many things the developer lobby has accomplished over the course of the past forty years or so has been to completely eliminate, or at least totally eviscerate, rent control laws in all fifty states…

      People need to know that most wealth is inherited. That the landlord class has created this situation of inequality through a legalized system of bribery called lobbying. That they make their record profits not by doing anything useful, but by sitting on money and property that has been passed down in wealthy families from the US and other countries for generations. That they raise the rents according to a formula they come up with, as wages rise, to make sure there’s that “sweet spot” between evictions and those who are just barely able to pay, so they can maximize their profits as they maximize our misery. This is systemic, it is intentional, it is feudalistic, and it is so very wrong…

      While we have very limited resources in every possible sense as a network, Artists for Rent Control has two main aims, and your participation, in whatever form possible, is wanted. One, we aim to keep our messages visible on the telephone poles of Portland. You can print out posters and put them up yourself, ask for a shipment of them from us, or donate for printing press costs. The other main aim of the network, in the tradition of similar networks of unemployed workers in the past, will be to react quickly to any attempted evictions going on in the area, once they start happening. To that aim, we’ll soon have our website set up so that anyone with a phone can sign up to receive a push notification when there is an eviction attempt taking place, so that they can drop everything and rush to wherever this is happening, and hopefully prevent the eviction from occurring. For this to be effective, we’ll need thousands of Portlanders to sign up. For that to happen, we’ll need thousands of Portlanders who believe that another Portland, and another world, is possible. And we’ll need to convince them of this fact…


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