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      No copyright violations

      If you excerpt an article or a portion of copyrighted material, you must:

      – Post no more than 3 paragraphs or 1/4 of the article, whichever is shorter, unless you clearly have permission to post more.


      Use to be 4 paragraphs. Sometimes a story makes more sense with 4 paragraphs.


      The shakedown of the new JPR site is in the process of being debugged. It seems to being doing better, thank you. However, the ‘hamsters’ are eating my post or stuck in a loop after hitting the submit button for both ‘Start Thread’ and ‘Reply’.

      Once again, thank to everyone

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      I’m reasonably certain that the administrators of this site wouldn’t be intentionally censoring posts, so logically I would assume this was a software default.

      For an example of what I’m talking about, I just posted a Christmas song by the band Fear in the Punk/Metal group forum. When I posted the song’s actual title, it was rejected. As soon as I improvised a new title to the post, it went up instantly.

      Please tell me this censorship isn’t hard-wired into the forum software and can be shut off somehow. It’s really difficult for a Devil to post about either Cheeto or the Turd Wayers without using any of George Carlin’s 7 words (or others that George never even thought about)

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