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      Perhaps someone more knowledgable than me can help

      me out here. My grandniece is a nurse and worked on and

      of in a Covid station in her hospital. She went with her parents

      and brother for a short camping trip and complained at the

      end of a hurting head and dizziness. She was therefore tested

      at the hospital and this came out positive. Now, 2 1/2 weeks later

      after quarantine she was tested again, and it came out negative.

      Mind you, the latest test was not for antibodies, just the nasal

      test again. She never had any other serious symptoms, and the

      rest of the family tested negative. Is that normal? I thought that

      once you tested positive you would be keeping this, but later on

      may show antibodies. Please, fill me in.

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      You only test positive for a short while while it’s active, and should later test positive with an antibody test – when we have one in general use.

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      My doctor buddy told me that the first tests they had were 17% accurate and new tests are 30% accurate. He didnt elaborate, was just telling me how screwed we were. In my small okla town 80% dont wear masks, a bunch of them are going to tulsa rally, we have a big outbreak among our ambulance drivers. Doc said we are down to one ambulance driver and its all through our er. He said we dont know where to placce patients cuz the tests are shit

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      When you’re sick with the virus, you’ll test positive for it. When you recover, you’ll test negative because your immune system has killed it and you’re now immune. That’s true for viruses ranging from smallpox to the common cold, and this virus is in the common cold family. I don’t believe that this one is any different, no matter what the medical authorities say. It’s not like they’ve never been wrong before.

      It’s not at all unusual for the rest of the family not to catch it at all, since it has something like a 40% infection rate. Plus, most people who get infected never develop symptoms at all.

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