A tale of two hip surgeries: Japan vs. USA

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      She will spend 10 days in the hospital recovering before returning home (that’s short — the last time she had the surgery, at another excellent clinic, it was a month of therapy and rehab). The cost? 150 dollars. Oh! and $1 for every meal.

      1-5-0 dollars.

      In the USA it’s harder to get a ball-park figure for the same procedure, b/c our system is messed up. But $32,000-$45,000 is the figure that an internet search produces.

      And here is something else I know. Americans spend an average of $11,072 per person on health expenditures, while in Japan they spend $4,823 — and yet they enjoy *better* health outcomes than we do.

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      She teaches English in Tokyo. She fell down some stairs and very nastily broke her leg. Was in the hospital for three weeks, and then rehab. I asked her how much it cost her. She wasn’t sure, but some where between $1,000 and $1,500 US.

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