A Welcome Change! Forest Service Halts Trump Plan to Burn Down the Targhee National Forest

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      One of the Trump administration’s worst projects, which would have burned a million acres of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, has been halted in its tracks by Biden’s Forest Service after the Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Native Ecosystems Council, and Yellowstone to Uintas submitted detailed comments opposing this insane idea….

      The recently re-introduced Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act is the sensible, practical and workable alternative to Trump’s delusional theory that humans can manage forests better than Mother Nature. Instead of spending millions of dollars burning millions of acres of National Forest, the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act would designate all roadless areas in the Northern Rockies as wilderness. Congress must act to protect the National Forests of the Northern Rockies not only because they can keep species like lynx and wolverines from going extinct, but since living forests pull huge amounts of carbon from our overheated atmosphere, saving these forests might also keep humans from going extinct.

      You can help by asking your Senators and Representatives to cosponsor the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act. And if you’d like to help us continue to protect and restore the Northern Rockies we’d gratefully welcome your support at the Alliance for the Wild Rockies.


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      Most of our forests (and grasslands and range land) need to be burned in places. I will have to look for the Targhee plan to see what’s up, but I’m pretty sure some of it needs to be burned. Decades of suppressing all fires has left the forest floor clogged with brush and dead limbs. If you look at historical photos from the early 1900s, you will see that forests used to look very different from today’s forests. That’s because fires went through periodically and cleaned out the debris.

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