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  • ZimInSeattle (2824 posts)

    Aaron Maté is a Beast!


    This statement was admiringly blurted out by political vlogger Jamarl Thomas on his program The Progressive Soapbox last week. What he was talking about was a recent interview that Aaron Maté, producer, journalist and on-air talent at Paul Jay’s Real News Network, did with veteran journalist James Risen, currently of The Intercept. What did they discuss? The jailing of Reality Winner—Risen’s source for a leaked NSA document about potential Russian digital interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential primary.


    As I listened to this interview with Risen, I started having flashbacks to all the Columbo reruns I watched as a kid. If you’ve ever seen the old detective show with the inimitable Peter Falk, there was a formula: the disheveled working class Columbo would ask an endless stream of seemingly basic questions of his suspects, who were usually impatient and annoyed wealthy white people who thought he was far beneath them in the pecking order. Eventually, they would crack under the pressure of his incessant queries, realizing too late that he’d been amassing reams of factual evidence against them while they’d been too busy feeling superior to notice.

    He starts out innocuously enough, setting the stage by asking Risen about Winner’s recent 5-year prison sentence and the unequal application of the law as compared to, say, former general and head of the CIA David Petraeus, who received little more than a light spanking and a wink for revealing highly classified information to his mistress. This was all in Risen’s wheelhouse and he got comfortable and righteous about the unfairness of Winner’s sentence, the imperial behavior of the Trump administration, yadda yadda.

    All good and well, but then Maté did something unprecedented. He suggested they discuss the actual document Winner provided to Risen and The Intercept, which he had taken the time to review in detail. WTF!? Journalists aren’t supposed to behave this way anymore. They’re not supposed to act like skeptical detectives. They’re not supposed to look at the evidence. They’re not supposed to question their betters. But Maté, having ignored that memo, and merely by walking through the contents and relatively obvious meaning of the document, had Risen hemming and hawing indignantly. In fact, Risen remarkably refused to even discuss the contents of the document he was only moments before referencing as a legitimate, bombshell whistleblowing intel.

    More: https://ghionjournal.com/aaron-mate-is-a-beast/

    Bold in original.

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9 replies
  • Fire with Fire (1709 posts)

    1. Here is the heart of our problem

    There is a scam going on and it is “covered up” by obvious bullshit.  People with an audience get bought or intimidated into repeating, analyzing, expanding and mildly criticizing aspects of the obvious bullshit.  Often this gets labeled “gaslighting” — suggesting that the liars have a clever Charles Boyer strategy for driving us all nuts.  Personally, I disagree with that interpretation.  Instead I think they put out obvious bullshit because it is the best that the rotting carcass of Empire can come up with.

  • Peace Patriot (4812 posts)

    2. I watched that interview. Aaron Mate was devastating and Risen looked a fool.

    Risen looked so foolish, bumbling, beside himself and flustered, by the end of it, that I’ll go ahead and speculate that Risen himself was a CIA ‘asset’ in the Reality Winner case, and couldn’t handle being questioned by Mate about it because of his guilt.


  • bemildred (10038 posts)

    3. I have always thought the narrative around Ms Winner reeked of bullshit.

    The fact that the leaked document was construed as evidence of Russian hacking was one part of that, and I suspect one reason Ms Winner was sent to jail was to shore up the credibility of that misconstruction.

    It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
    • MistaP (10874 posts)

      5. it's GROTESQUE: Winner was doubtless led to believe she had THE smoking gun

      in the atmosphere of May 2017 when “bombshell” after bombshell was landing–that Russia(ns) influenced the election, not just diddled around with email releases

      early 2017 Russiagate needed a constant media diet of easily-fudged stories (Mate showing the content didn’t match the spin of “Kremlin in all our voter rolls,” which also plausibly excuses the caging of Sanders voters in the AZ and CA primaries)–it was nothing more than a Bavarian and/or Chinese Fire Drill

      ironically had she gone to “Russian” WikiLeaks rather than The Intercept with its good reputation built on Greenwald’s back after Snowden, she would’ve stayed anon

      the Clinton campaign created Trump with the Pied Piper strategy (Third Way = Bell Curve)
  • Passionate Progressive (1928 posts)

    4. Illuminating comments one and all

    Winner plays the patsy for Risen and for the Russian hacking myth.

  • dreamnightwind (1768 posts)

    6. Yes, this one left me shaking my head

    It was really weird. When the questions weren’t going the way he wanted them to, Risen said something like, you’re not one of those people who questions the Russiagate narrative, are you? Then he acted like Maté was an agent of Putin, and fairly rudely refused to answer Maté’s questions, or acknowledge that it was even legitimate to ask them. Really weird. He appears to work for the CIA’s faux Resistance psyop.

  • nevereVereven (5808 posts)

    7. An excellent interview- highly recommended!

    Trump is a fool who may yet blunder us into war; the Dems and the Deep State cabal would give us war by design.

  • incognito (2645 posts)

    8. That Risen interview was INCREDIBLE!

    Aaron Maté has a bright, bright future (in alternative media where truth to power is practiced) and Paul Jay is a very smart man for hiring Aaron.

    I really enjoy the interviews he does with Paul Jay too.

    Max Blumenthal is “a friend of the show” and on with Aaron often.


  • RufusTFirefly (4528 posts)
    Mr. Jenkins

    9. Whoa! Maté's devastating interview with Risen is highly recommended!

    Maté was basically asking, “Is that just a very skimpy outfit the Emperor is wearing, or could it be that he actually has no clothes?”

    Faced with that question, Risen became extremely defensive.

    Encouraging to see that there are still a few dogged reporters left.

    And I’m obviously not talking about Risen.

    I’m reminded of what Seymour Hersh had to say about Russiagate:

    “We’re now told with ‘high confidence ‘ that the Russians did it… I know what the phrase ‘high confidence’ means inside the intelligence community… And I will tell you that ‘high confidence’ means, ‘We don’t know.’ Or, ‘If we do know, we don’t want to tell you.’ It doesn’t mean that we believe the Russians did it.” — Seymour Hersh, author of the memoir, “Reporter”