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    Aboriginal Australians co-existed with the megafauna for at least 17,000 years

    Australia was once home to giant reptiles, marsupials and birds (and some not so giant), but the extinction of this megafauna has been the subject of a debate that has persisted since the 19th century.

    Despite great advances in the available scientific techniques for investigating the problem, answering the key question of how they became extinct has remained elusive.

    Indeed, the same questions as those asked in the 19th century by scientists, such as the British comparative anatomist Sir Richard Owen and the Prussian scientist and explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, remain: were people responsible for their demise or was it climate change?

    Our new research, published in the latest Quaternary Science Reviews journal, shows that early humans to Australian lived alongside some of the megafauna for many thousands of years before the animals became extinct.




    Pound for pound, Thylacoleo carnifex had the strongest bite of any mammal species living or extinct;



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    1. Excellent read, thanks for posting this!

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    2. There is a good display of the Megalania

    and other mega fauna in the museum in Brisbane, it was very neat to see these animals that were present until recent. It would be neat to get a better history of early Australia as the group that made it there had such a unique experience compared to many others. Thanks for the story.

    Could not find the one from the museum, but this looks about the same.

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