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  • 99thMonkey (3341 posts)
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    Advice on best background check website/service

    We are renting out a room in our house for the first time, and would appreciate hearing peoples’ advice on best websites for doing background checks.  This is a big decision for us, so we’d like to avoid making a tragic mistake.

    I understand it will probably cost upwards from $30.

    Of course, I am also interested in which sites/services are rip-offs to avoid.

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  • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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    1. My only suggestion would be BeenVerified. I'm not sure it will help you with the

    information you are seeking.

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    • 99thMonkey (3341 posts)
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      2. Hmm I know landlords use these services all the time,

      and probably use the best ones.  guess I’ll go to a real estate mgmt. association website.  they’ll probably have some suggestions to add to yours.  Thanks for yours.  I’ll check them out too.

      • Major Hogwash (2301 posts)
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        3. .

        Check out a local private detective agency. For about $25, they can tell you what they can find out about the person in about 10 minutes. They can tell you if the person is a felon or has wants/warrants out for them at your first visit. For $50 to $75, they can give you a longer history of places they previously lived, employment history for about 3 – 5 years, current criminal background, etc. Some agencies charge upwards of $100 for an initial background check, but they can do it quick. Some share the websites they rely on, others keep it to themselves. Of course, it’s up to you whether it is worth the cost to do a cursory background check, or pay more to wait a few days for an extensive one.

        • 99thMonkey (3341 posts)
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          4. Thanks for the suggestion

          I’ll take that into consideration.  $25-30 is my limit.