After the #Bern: What’s next for the progressive left?

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      Add to this that progressive members of the U.S. Congress have, with notable exceptions, mostly voted for a series of bailout plans that heavily favor corporate interests over the increasingly dire needs of citizens and the small businesses that power the country’s economy. .html What should most enrage the party’s supporters, regardless of where they stand on the ideological spectrum, is the missed opportunity to shame a Republican-controlled Senate in advance of November elections, something that still seems less important to the House leadership than pleasing the deep pocketed donors that steer the economic policies of both parties.

      One of the few politicians with a national platform who has been a strong voice for millions of workers facing uncertain futures is Pramila Jayapal, who represents Washington state’s 7th Congressional district and is co-chair of the House’s growing Progressive Caucus.

      As reported by Politico, Jayapal, “…pushed hard for inclusion of the “Paycheck Guarantee” program in the new bill [the Heroes Act], but senior Democrats contend they weren’t able to turn the proposal into legislative text, saying it is too costly and complicated. The Jayapal plan — which is backed by more than 60 House Democrats — has a price tag of more than $650 billion for six months.”

      Rather than being just a token gesture, Jayapal’s principled stance built relationships, reaching out to unlikely allies among swing state Democrats considered moderates who want to distance themselves from Nancy Pelosi’s focus on unemployment rather than keeping workers in jobs through the current crisis. Pelosi’s strategy has opened the party up to Republican criticisms, as reported by Ryan Grim of the Intercept, that hers is the “party of unemployment”.

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