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    Aidan King of subredit calls for support of progressive Arturo Carmona in Cal.

    Thought I’d pass on this email for you California voters who might want to support a Berniecrat.


    I cofounded the /r/SandersForPresident subreddit 3 years ago because I knew that Bernie was a different kind of candidate. Bernie had an unrivaled progressive platform. But what really set him apart from the pack was his call for a real grassroots uprising from the 99%.

    You can tell a lot about a campaign by looking at how they’re funded. Bernie’s was funded by lots and lots of working people coming together (yes, I’m super proud that Reddit raised about $12 million for Bernie). His opponent’s campaign was funded largely by wealthy donors cutting big checks.

    There’s an important special election right now in California. One of the Democratic establishment favorites has already raised $150,000 from big donors. The other establishment-backed candidate is asking for a minimum suggested donation of $200 on his website. Same old Clinton-style politics.

    And then there’s another candidate: Arturo Carmona. I worked with Arturo on Bernie’s campaign, where he helped develop a big portion of Bernie’s progressive policy platform. Arturo is now running for Congress to keep pressing forward on our political revolution. His campaign is funded by a ton of small-dollar donors.

    Arturo’s up against an important midnight FEC fundraising deadline. Can you make a $27 contribution to his campaign to send a powerful message to the political and media establishment in California that we’re DONE with big-money-backed politicians?

    Contribute to Arturo
    I’m proud to endorse Arturo. He’s a lifelong fighter for comprehensive immigration reform, economic equality, and climate justice. And, like Bernie, he’s running a different kind of campaign that speaks to the need for a real grassroots-led revolution.

    Tonight’s FEC deadline is really important because all of the Los Angeles reporters are going to be looking at the numbers we report. If Arturo is in the top tier of candidates, we’ll receive more media coverage and interest in his campaign. If it looks like the only competitors are these establishment-backed Democrats, then our chances are not as good.

    I hope you’ll join me in supporting Arturo. If you can’t contribute right now, you can still join his campaign by signing up here.

    In solidarity,

    Aidan King

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