Air Force seeks $4.9 billion in emergency funds for storm-ravaged Offutt, Tyndall

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      The Air Force says it will need nearly $5 billion in the next two years to repair Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, struck by flooding this month, and to rebuild Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

      By Steve Liewer

      The U.S. Air Force said Wednesday it needs $350 million in emergency funds this year to cover cleanup and basic repair costs after devastating floods at Offutt Air Force Base this month and expects to seek more over the next two years to repair and replace damaged structures.

      The request is part of a $4.9 billion supplemental request to Congress for repairs to Offutt and Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, which suffered severe damage last fall when Hurricane Michael struck the Florida panhandle.

      “We desperately need the supplemental funding,” Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson said, citing the damage to both bases.

      The money sought by the Air Force — $1.2 billion this year and $3.7 billion in the 2020 and 2021 budget years — would have to be approved by Congress. Wilson said that if Congress does not take action by May or June, the Air Force will have to put off dozens of construction and other improvement projects and perhaps take other cost-saving measures.

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      Hmmm. That’s $5 billion Less to grapple with climate change.

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      Oh and by the way, do they have flood insurance?

      Lots of folks in New Orleans didn’t. Can’t Get it!


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      For that they could build a whole new facility out of harms way.

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