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    AJAM Reported On Tribal Communities And Offered Coverage On Indian Country That

    Few Could Match


    So, before they go – one last time


    Elegy For A Website Where Native Voices Mattered




    ……“We’re especially committed to showing good and bad, to go above the stereotypical ‘sad life on the rez’ that seems to get reported all the time,” the editor wrote. “No matter what the story, we want it to be full of portraits and voices, very much on-the-ground reporting.”

    It was a curious request. Usually, indigenous people show up in media if they fall into what Reporting in Indigenous Communities calls the WD4 rule: If you’re an Indian who’s going to make the news, you have to be a warrior, be drumming, be dancing, be drunk or be dead….


    “Al Jazeera America even built its own Indian Country vertical with pieces on food, language, legal battles, uranium mining, sex and dating, drought, law and order, mascots, payday lending, sports, voting, financial mismanagement, pipeline fights, missing and murdered indigenous women, pollution and treaty rights, to name a few.


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    1. Where are they going and why?