Al Franken says single payer is a winning issue

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    Secondly, when I arrived in July, 2009, as the 60th Democratic vote, the first Senator I spoke to on health care was Bernie Sanders. I told him I would support single payer. I also told him I thought we’d be at least 55 votes short, so we should probably have a fallback position.

    Bernie knew that as well as I did. Did he take his ball and go home? Of course not. He worked very hard to insert significant funding for community health centers. Bernie spoke last night about his work as chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee. He tried to get the largest, most comprehensive bill in the VA’s history, but was stymied by Republicans. But he moved on and, yes, compromised with Republicans to get a smaller, yet still very significant reform of the VA and a large increase in its funding.

    All of this is a way of saying that getting to single-payer – especially, single payer without any private health insurance is not likely to happen in the foreseeable future.

    But, as Bernie pointed out last night, every other developed country in the world has universal health care, delivered at half the cost, with as good or better outcomes than the United States. Canadians pay 1/10th the price for insulin as Americans. Canada has single-payer health insurance with as good or better outcomes than the United States at about half the cost. In fact, that is true for every other developed country in the world.

    All of those countries also pay about 30-40% of what the US pays for our pharmaceuticals. Yet, not one of those countries has completely eliminated private health insurance. In fact, approximately 70% of Canadians have some supplemental private insurance, usually paid for by their employer. So, you can’t say that outlawing private health insurance is indispensable to creating an effective single-payer system.

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    Then why did you sell Bernie and the State of MN out, Al? He better come out swinging in support of Bernie.He owes us.

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    Thanks Al! A day late and a dollar short. Now go away to Hillary’s rotten woods.

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