Amazing Carbon Nanosheets from Spinach May Energize Fuel Cells

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      It seems that it becomes a significant catalyst for oxygen reduction reactions within metal-air batteries and fuel cells whenever spinach is transformed into carbon nanosheets.

      One of the two reactions required by fuel cells and metal-air batteries is the oxygen reduction reaction. Also, the oxygen reduction reaction is the slower of the two reactions and limits the device’s energy output.

      Scientists had suspected for a long time that certain carbon materials could catalyze this reaction. But the problem has always been that other carbon catalysts never perform any better than the platinum-based catalysts that have been traditionally used.

      The AU scientists desired to discover a different carbon catalyst that was less expensive, less toxic, and more effective. It seemed logical to consider natural resources as a potential candidate. They decided to give spinach a try. “This work suggests that sustainable catalysts can be made for an oxygen reduction reaction from natural resources,” stated Prof. Shouzhong Zou, who is a chemistry professor at AU and the research paper’s lead author

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