Amber Guyger sentenced to 10 years

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      Way too light. But I guess we can be grateful that a cop was sentenced at all! She’ll be out in five.

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      I don’t know what I think about this yet. Prison is, IMO, “front loaded.”  The worst part is the first year, getting used to the idea that one’s life has been seriously limited.

      Getting out in five is an assumption that she will carry on impeccably in prison and have no behavioral issues. In prison, if you are attacked by someone, you, too, are punished. So take that into consideration. She will be a sitting duck, being a former law enforcement officer. In prison they don’t care “who started it.”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if her lawyers appeal, based on the fact that the jury and the judge were African-American and that she didn’t get a fair trial. However, she’ll have a hard time proving she’s not racist. Take a look at these social media messages she wrote.




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        I just hoped that she’d get at least 25, since they chose to convict her of MURDER, and not manslaughter.

        I found this meme Guyger shared especially ironic:

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        I read that there’s no parole with a murder conviction in Texas.

        I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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          Looks like you may be right:

          In Texas, first degree murder (or capital murder), carries a very serious and very heavy penalty. Since Texas is a state that allows capital punishment, it is possible to receive a death penalty sentence. Generally speaking, the sentence for a capital felony in Texas is either death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

          If the defendant is declared to be incapacitated (e.g. with a mental disability or is declared insane), then he/she will be spared from the death penalty. The minimum age in Texas to receive the death penalty is 17 years of age.

          See First Degree Murder Penalties and Sentencing for more details.

          There are extenuating circumstances to the “no parole” but a quick look through doesn’t make me think she’d be eligible.

          However, I’m now thinking, since you pointed this out, that maybe what her lawyers will do on appeal is try to get her re-tried on manslaughter or some other similar charge. There may be grounds for that.  If that were to happen, she might then be able to get parole in five years.

          I’m relatively sure this will not be the end of this case.

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          an article at MSNBC said she was eligible for parole in 5 years.

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      Cold Mountain Trail

      The contrast between his families dignified testimony & presentation is in high contrast to her stupid emails.

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      @calico @njcher actually you are wrong. She is eligible for parole in 5 years, but that doesn’t make it automatic. As I said on another thread, there was one TV station that had a retired judge from Texas on the online broadcast with the anchor. The retired judge said the parole board generally wants to see 75-80% of the sentence served before they consider parole. If she is considered every year after the five years, then the first real shot would be at 8 years (again no guarantee).

      Yes, the sentence was too light but that was the jury’s decision. I expected a 15-20 year sentence.

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      Guyger had a lot going for her. First she’s a cop. That’s the big thing. People have automatic respect for authority. The victim is black is another thing. And she’s also white and female. I mean the judge gave Guyger a hug. The bailiff was brushing her hair!

      If this was Jean that was the killer and Guyger the victim, there would be no hugs from the judge. There would not be compassion from everyone. And he would have gotten 25+.

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