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  • Passionate Progressive (1705 posts)
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    America Dropped 26,171 Bombs in 2016 – What

    A Bloody End to Obama’s Reign

    Most Americans would probably be astounded to realize that the president who has been painted by Washington pundits as a reluctant warrior has actually been a hawk. The Iran nuclear deal, a herculean achievement, and the opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba unfortunately stand alone as President Obama’s successful uses of diplomacy over hostility.

    While candidate Obama came to office pledging to end George W Bush’s wars, he leaves office having been at war longer than any president in US history. He is also the only president to serve two complete terms with the nation at war.

    President Obama did reduce the number of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he dramatically expanded the air wars and the use of special operations forces around the globe. In 2016, US special operators could be found in 70% of the world’s nations, 138 countries – a staggering jump of 130% since the days of the Bush administration.



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  • Tierra y Libertad (2046 posts)
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    1. Are we safe yet?


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  • jdpriestly (5877 posts)
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    2. Not bad for a "Christian country."

    Do you get to go to heaven if you die from a Christian bomb?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    What would Jesus do?

      (I’m trying to be sarcastic.)

    No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
    • McLovin (158 posts)
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      3. WWJD? He would use an AGM-114 Hellfire because "bombs" are soo 2000-and-late.