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      What are the goals of the American Health Security Project?
      The AHSP is determined to get legislation passed that is Universal and removes all financial barriers from seeking care. This legislation must create a system that is non-profit, publicly-funded healthcare.
      The system must include comprehensive coverage with essential benefits such as dental, vision, audiology, and mental health services.

      Does the American Health Security Project support Medicare for All? Absolutely. Medicare for All, a single payer system, is the goal of the AHSP.

      Why a Super PAC? For too long healthcare advocates have been at a disadvantage. For-profit insurers and pharmaceutical companies have the ability through Super PACs to pour millions into fighting against Medicare for All and State-Based universal healthcare bills. It is overdue that we level the playing field.

      Comment by Jim Kahn of PNHP: Let’s be honest: the electoral / legislative politics of the US are stacked against single payer. Too many dollars flow to politicians from those who benefit from the current profit-extracting non-system of paying for and delivering healthcare. Our fight for single payer takes many forms, including grassroots organizing, education, writing (to wit, HJM), and research. We retain popular support for single payer, but lose critical battles. Meanwhile, health insurance and providers are increasingly controlled by private for-profit entities. The short-term political prospects are daunting.

      Would a meet-fire-with-fire approach help break the logjam? Joseph Q. Jarvis (physician and author of “The Purple World: Healing the Harm in American Health Care”) believes so. He has launched the “American Health Security Project” (AHSP) in order to use a within-the-system political organizing tool (a Super PAC) in support of a replace-the-system solution (single payer).

      You can read about AHSP in his op-ed in The Salt Lake Tribune, Support the American Health Security Project. I didn’t excerpt this above because it elides mention of the single payer goal of AHSP. Jarvis takes inspiration from John McCain, for whom the ACA owes its survival, but not a single payer proponent. Jarvis wrote in the op-ed, “Those of us who are trying to change how Americans do health care business must recognize that health system reform is about politics. No amount of education or marching to the draw attention to the plight of American patients will change the grip of the medical industrial complex on business as usual in American health care. Health system reform … is a power grab …”

      The unambiguous support of AHSP for single payer is expressed on its website and in the letter to Sec. Becerra. I welcome that clarity.

      I’m not a political tactician, but don’t believe that anyone has figured out the surefire political path to single payer (more on state vs. national efforts in a few days). I hope that AHSP gains traction as one piece of the puzzle, growing the breadth and strength of the single payer movement.

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