American schools’ phone apps send children’s info to ad networks, analytics firms

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      The majority of Android and iOS apps created for US public and private schools send student data to assorted third parties, researchers have found, calling into question privacy commitments from Apple and Google as app store stewards.

      The Me2B Alliance, a non-profit technology policy group, examined a random sample of 73 mobile applications used in 38 different schools across 14 US states and found 60 per cent were transmitting student data.

      The apps in question send data using software development kits or SDKs, which consist of modular code libraries that can be used to implement utility functions, analytics, or advertising without the hassle of creating these capabilities from scratch. Examples include: Google’s AdMob, Firebase, and Sign-in SDKs, Square’s OK HTTP and Okio SDKs, and Facebook’s Bolts SDK, among others.

      The Me2B’s research project assigned three risk profiles to the SDKs it found: medium, high, and very high. Utility SDKs, which perform useful, expected functions, are considered medium risk.

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      Maybe the schools need to be better funded in the first place.

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      It’s been available on Android devices for a while, but now it’s on iOS too.

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