Americans are just fine with facial recognition technology – as long as they get shorter queues

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       Surprise, surprise, most Americans believe the US government shouldn’t limit the use of facial recognition technology, particularly if it’s convenient for them or used for their protection.

      The Center for Data Innovation, a non-profit think tank focused on technology and policy, conducted an online poll asking people if Uncle Sam should regulate facial recognition. Out of all 3,151 participants, 26.2 per cent agreed it should be curbed, compared to 44.9 per cent, who disagreed, according to figures revealed this month.

      The gap widened slightly, however, when the question was refined and included specific scenarios. Previous skeptical attitudes to the technology were somewhat dropped if it meant that stores could use the tech to reduce shoplifting – by catching known thieves – or if airports could use it to speed up security lines.

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      I don’t buy their stupid poll. I would NEVER use facial recognition knowingly. How much more Big Brother are they planning for the peasants?

      I refuse to use any of that *hit. My local grocery store had a fingerprint scanner for verifying bank accounts and I refused to use it. I wasn’t the only one who isn’t into invasion of privacy because they don’t have the scanner anymore. I was training for a new job and they wanted my fingerprint scanned to get into their freakin’ computer system – AFTER they did drug testing,  a background check and checked my finances! – I refused to give them my fingerprint. I quit before I finished training.

      No freakin’ way am I ever willingly giving them a way to invade my privacy more than they already do.

      They want all that info for nefarious reasons! Governments are NOT to be trusted. Eventually, all that private info WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU at some point, for some reason. Guaranteed.

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      Thank you for refusing to use the fingerprint scanner.  If more people refused that and similar privacy incursions, it wouldn’t happen.  We create it by going along.

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