America’s dangerous leaders with Andrew Bacevich

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      I have to say I’ve been disappointed in Bacevich’s public stance since the Russian SMO began.   It reminds me of a compromised position taken  by someone who  doesn’t want to be accused of heresy but actually knows better.   In truth, he’s a Copernican, but afraid to admit it, so pronounces the refrains of the true faith while claiming he’s the exponent of something different.   It’s seems the whole editorial perspective of Responsible Statecraft is of this ilk.   I think it took about three centuries after the catholic church condemned Galileo to finally admit their position against heliocentrism was wrong.    Bacevich just can’t bring himself to condemn the flat earth views of the US ruling class outright.  Nor can he salvage the so called true American faith of 1776 despite his best efforts.    The analog to the French surrender in 1940 is appropriate.   Despite their obvious decay, the French  ruling elite including their imperialist military negotiated with the Nazi’s in a last ditch effort to preserve their empire while  sacrificing France’s core.

      惑世誣民 혹세무민

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