Ammon Bundy Blames Jews For The Holocaust At Idaho Anti-Lockdown Rally

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      Anti-government extremist Ammon Bundy, speaking on the steps of the state Capitol building in Boise, Idaho, on Saturday, compared government measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus to the Nazis’ genocide of Jews during World War II.

      Bundy, a notorious militia leader who once organized an armed takeover of an Oregon wildlife refuge, made the absurd comparison while speaking at an “Idaho Is Open For Business” rally ― one of several anti-lockdown demonstrations held across the country demanding that governors allow businesses to reopen despite the urgent warnings of public health experts. (snip)

      “Just look at the pictures of the Holocaust,” Bundy told the crowd of hundreds, according to a video of the event posted to YouTube. “It always amazes me how you see pictures of men and women stripped completely naked, lined up and facing a mass grave, where they are shooting them in the back of the head and falling in the grave.”

      “Now the answer to that is not easy ― but it is this, and I have been there and I know for a fact that this is true,” Bundy continued. “When you have faced so much tyranny in your life, there is a point when you would rather line up naked and get shot in the head. And my friends, why we’re here today right now is to make sure that never happens!”


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      …some of the Jews escaped all of that because they had the sense to leave ancient Israel and migrate to the Americas in small barrel shaped boats.

      Of course things got a little nasty then when the Lamanites killed off the Nephites, and it so angered Elohim our Heavenly Father that He turned their skin “red”, but hey.. at least it’s better than the Holocaust, right?

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      does anyone give any of these uneducated manipulators any coverage at all??

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        back, support, and keep them out of prison where they belong.  The Bundys are idiots, but they are useful tools to some anti-government types whose agenda I don’t quite understand.

        You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.

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        Saying crazy shit will get you a few seconds of screen time.

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        Divide and conquer (in the case of the .1%, divide & kill)

        Create more wedge issues, create more division, create anything to distract from the Class War that TPTB are waging on us.

        Bundy – and all the other rightwingnuts spewing nonsense – are just gullible tools, being utilized and facilitated by the rulers of the planet to keep eyes off of themselves.

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      alone in the dark in one of the barracks at Auschwitz communing with the ghosts.

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        Two way street
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        demonic mind would protect him and make deals with the ghosts.  He is very evil in my opinion.

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      Honestly, what is there to say. 😕

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